Episode 6 - Decision Making

In this episode of the Improvement Project Podcast, Sean & Dave discuss the main distraction, but potentially the most useful tool in our lives - technology.  Our lives have adapted incredibly well to the advances in tech, but can we keep up?  Is it time to take a step back and avoid the unnecessary gadgets?  We live in the fear of being left behind, but perhaps we need to put on the brakes and be content in what we have.  Some of the big questions are being answered here - listen in to find out more.

Our Takeaways

Our favourite pieces of advice from the episode.  They come in many forms, but all are encouraged and (we like to think) pretty useful.

Sean's Takeaway - Forest App and Turn off your notifications!

Dave's Takeaway - Deploy more self-awareness with your relationship with technology.

Pssst... You're awesome.

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