Episode 11 - Morning Routines

In this episode of the Improvement Podcast, Sean & Dave tackle Morning Routines.  A great little system to get a jump on the day and look forward to the next 24 hours.  Trying to create habits for first thing in the morning is tricky, but there are things you can do to help.  Take a listen to see if some of the advice, tips and tricks will help you out when jumping out of bed super early.

Questions We Faced Today

Is there a connection between morning routines and success?


What is essential within a morning routine?


How much time is needed for an effective routine?

Mentioned In This Episode

CEO Morning Routines Video - Cracking video, please check it out.

4 Hour Work Week: Tim Ferris - Definitely on our top 10 reading list.

Eisenhower Matrix - This must be important, we've mentioned it enough!

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Interview - Surely advice from 2 of the most successful business men in the world is worth listening to?

Sean's Morning Routine - This will be updated constantly, so check back later :)

Benefits of Caffeine before Exercise - Turns out, there are benefits to it, who knew.


Mark Wahlberg Morning Routine - Inspiration or nuts? You decide.

Add these 8 habits article - Great article, it's really helped us.

Factfulness: Hans Rosling - Another great read.  Check it out.


Mistakes You're Making with Morning Routines - We've made almost all of these mistakes!

The Hotshot Rule: Cat Cole - She's a hell of a character.  

The 5 Second Rule: Mel Robbins - We tried it, and it's a great idea.

Our Takeaways

Our favourite pieces of advice from the episode.  They come in many forms, but all are encouraged and (we like to think) pretty useful.

Sean's  - Get rid of your snooze button.  You set your alarm for a reason, so use it properly.

Dave's  - Plan your day in the morning.  It'll set you up for the entire day and you'll feel much better about yourself.

Pssst... You're awesome.

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