Episode 13 - Looking For Work (Part 1)

In this episode of the Improvement Podcast, Sean & Dave talk about the ins and outs of looking for work.  We've definitely been there, when it seems impossible to obtain any form of work.  We've been hired and we've been made redundant.  We've had roles for years, and been without work for months.  I know we're not alone.  We discuss alternative ways to apply for roles, and also going it alone.  We'd love to know your thoughts - let us know.

Questions We Faced Today

Do people need to consider retraining?

How secure is your job, really.

Is experience more valuable than a degree?

Is there an alternative method of applying for roles?

Mentioned In This Episode

Evolution of the employee - Your thoughts are appreciated on this one

Formula for productivity on work time - Is this how you should be using your time?

Passwords Article - Pretty interesting read, although contraversial

Gary Vee: What To Do After College - We love this guy.  Who doesn't?

How long an employer will look at your CV/Resume - It's a little shocking actually.

Our Takeaways

Our favourite pieces of advice from the episode.  They come in many forms, but all are encouraged and (we like to think) pretty useful.

Sean's  - Keep your options open.  You'll never be 100% secure.  Keep an eye out for opportunities.

Dave's  - Think like a business.  Look at their point of view while applying for roles.

Pssst... You're awesome.

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