Episode 14 - Looking For Work (Part 2)

In this episode of the Improvement Podcast, Sean & Dave follow up on their previous discussion on Looking For Work.  This episode revolves around alternatives, and ways to apply for roles that are slightly alternative and controversial.  Take a listen for some interesting conversation, maybe you'll hear some advice that can help :)

Questions We Faced Today

Really, we just followed up on the points we discussed within Part 1.

Mentioned In This Episode

Looking For Work (Part 1) - Have a listen to hear the whole conversation

Dragons Den - Always good to watch.  Peter can be a bit mean sometimes though.

How I Met Your Mother: Video Resume - Barney rules.

Steve Jobs Quote: Hire Smart - Whether you like him or not, he was a clever guy.

Logan Paul vs KSI Boxing Fight - We genuinely don't know who won ha

Donald Trump Golf Course Debate - We love the wind farm.

Skillshare - Awesome sight.  Check it out.

Brilliant.org - It really is brilliant.

Our Takeaways

Our favourite pieces of advice from the episode.  They come in many forms, but all are encouraged and (we like to think) pretty useful.

Sean's  - Learn a new skill.  You'll be surprised at what it will give you.

Dave's  - Take Control.  Embrace Change.  Become Resilient.

Pssst... You're awesome.

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