Episode 15 - Social Media

In this episode of the Improvement Podcast, Sean & Dave tackle what society has deemed the norm of communication.  Social Media.  It's literally everywhere.  Try and escape it, and you'll find yourself with an almost impossible task.  So instead of running away from it, let's run directly towards it, and find a way to live intentionally with it.  If social media is used for it's oringally intended purpose, it may just be the most powerful tool of our generation.  Take a listen to hear what we discussed.

Questions We Faced Today

What makes social media so addictive?

We have created a world of comparison and image, but is there a way back?

Where is social media going?  Is it going to end?

Mentioned In This Episode

Bill Murray Tweet - Never has anyone spoken so much sense!

Patrick Rhone - Put it on the read list.  Now.

Living Without The Internet for a Week - Video should be live in the next week or so.  Check back soon!

Improvement List - Have you made yours yet?

Vegetarianism or Pescatarism - How valuable is meat to you?

Bebo - Ahh nastalgia.  It's changed a bit though, hasn't it?

Friendster - It seems that it's taking a break.

Factfulness - Highly recommended by Dave.  We trust his view :)

Our Takeaways

Our favourite pieces of advice from the episode.  They come in many forms, but all are encouraged and (we like to think) pretty useful.

Sean's  & Dave's - Live your life offline as well as online.

Pssst... You're awesome.

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