Episode 19 -  Problem Solving (Part 1) (with Chris Herd)

In this episode of the Improvement Podcast, Sean & Dave talk with a special guest Chris Herd.  Chris is the founder of Nexves.  Chris has had a fantastic journey so far, and it was incredibly fascinating to listen to and to discuss.  Along his way, he has faced his share of problem which required

Questions We Faced Today

Where do you start with a problem?

What do you do when you discover there is a problem?

Mentioned In This Episode

7 tips on problem solvingWonderful article.  Read it if you get a chance.

David Rock: 5 Levels of Focus - Dave has heavy investment in this.

Adjustment Bureau - Get it watched.  It's awesome

Radical Candor - It offers some great insights.

Think and Grow Rich - The reading list is getting long!

Food Episode (with Steve Beadie) - Brilliant chat we had.

Our Takeaways

Check out Part 2 for our best advice.

Pssst... You're awesome.

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