Episode 20 -  Problem Solving (with Chris Herd) (Part 2)

In this episode of the Improvement Podcast, Sean & Dave continue our talk with special guest Chris Herd.  Chris is the founder of Nexves.  Chris has had a fantastic journey so far, and it was incredibly fascinating to listen to and to discuss.  Along his way, he has faced his share of problem which required dedication and creative solutions.  We've certainly learned a lot from our talk, and we hope you do too.

Questions We Faced Today

Are we guilty of creating solutions that are not required?

Are we close to solving all problems that would render us obsolete?

Mentioned In This Episode

Dead Time: We call it Alive TimeWe can't be the first people to have called it that?

Nick Borstrum: Superintelligence - Chris is an intelligent guy.  Maybe we should read it.

7 Tips on Problem Solving - All of these tips are accurate, we think.

Chris's Medium Page - He writes some pretty awesome stuff.  Check it out.

Our Takeaways

Sean's - Get some fresh eyes.  Outside looking in is always a great solution.

Dave's - Don't allow yourself to get stuck in the problem.  Shift your perspective to enable you to see things differently.

Chris's - Turn to people that you trust.  Drop the problem for a while and let your subconcious work on it.

Pssst... You're awesome.

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