Episode 25 - Offending People

In this episode of the Improvement Podcast, Sean & Dave talk about a slightly controversial topic, and discuss it rather controversially. This week has a slightly different format, where we have no questions from the public, rather discuss what offends us and how best to deal with it in the future. We apologise for offending people, but this is just our take on it. Thanks for keeping an open mind :)

Questions We Faced Today


No questions today.  Slightly different vibe, but hopefully you found some of it useful and/or interesting.

Mentioned In This Episode



Steve Hughes: Offending People - Watch

#FYRE - Watch

Viktor Frankel - Read

Blinkest - Download

The Chimp Paradox - Read


Our Takeaways

Sean & Dave - Respond cognitively, but vent in a safe environment.  Take the time to understand a difference of opinion.

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