So you may consider this to be 'bucket list' of sorts.  There are definitely some similarities, but a couple of major differences as well.  This list is many of the things I aim to achieve throughout the life I've been given.  However, once I achieve something on the list, I don't intend on stopping there.  I will try to improve upon it.  Great example, you'll see under Fitness Goals that I've completed a 10k run.  But now I aim to complete a 10k in under 50 minutes, and when I get there, I'll aim to beat it again.

Have a read through my goals and keep up to date on my progress by subscribing here.  Maybe it's even inspired you to write your own Improvement List.  If that's the case, let me know.  I'd love to see it!

Check back in soon.  Until then, stay awesome.

​​​Fitness Goals

  • Do a muscle up

  • Bench press 80kg

    • Now 90kg​

  • Deadlift 125kg

  • Run a Sub 20 Minute 5k

  • 20 consecutive pull-ups

  • 30-minute plank

  • Complete a marathon

  • 100 consecutive push-ups

  • Run a 10k

    • Now in under 50 minutes

  • Run a mile in 6 minutes (FYI, I'm so close! 6:18)

  • Complete the '300 Workout Test'

Health Goals

  • Meditate every day for 14 days consistently

  • 14 days without sugar

  • No alcohol, fast food or soda for 1 month

  • Drink 1 gallon of water per day for a week

  • Walk 100,000 steps in 1 week

    • Now 150,000​

  • 7 days of Huel

Dedication Goals

  • Give up TV for 7 days

  • Give up Social Media for Lent

  • Conquer a fear

  • Climb Excalibur

  • Wake up at 4:30 am for 21 days 

  • Run 5km every day in a month (February doesn't count! Lol)

  • 1 week without internet

  • Memorise a deck of cards

  • Solve a Rubik's Cube in under 2 minutes

    • Now 1 minute 30 seconds

Professional Goals

Creative Goals

Skill Goals

  • Become fluent in another language

  • Learn to pick locks

  • Do a backflip

  • Learn 'The Knuckle Roll'

  • Cook Christmas dinner myself

  • Handstand for 5 seconds

Extreme (Fun) Goals

Travel Goals

  • See The Pyramids, Egypt

  • Visit Machu Picchu, Peru

  • Visit Paris, France

  • Visit Japan

  • Visit Rome, Italy

  • Visit Iceland

  • Visit Canada