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A Better Way To Look At Buying

Humans by nature love to buy.  It really doesn't matter what it is we're buying, we just love the feeling of obtaining more stuff.  That's great, but when is enough actually enough?

Determining if something is really worth your hard earned money is quite a difficult thing to work out.  We may look at a new car, or a new phone and be ready to part with hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds, but is it actually worth it?  Let's imagine you're heading to a wedding, or a gala of some kind - you'll obviously need a new dress, or a new suit, because god forbid you show up wearing something you've worn before!  In any case, you purchase the new item of clothing for say, £200.  Quite a lot to spend on something you'll wear once, don't you think?  

So the next time you're wondering if you're willing to hand over the money it took you so long to earn, think of this - 

If you use/wear the new item once,  the value to you is the price you paid for it (say £200 for arguments sake).  However, if you use/wear it twice, the value halves, because you've worn it double the amount of times - in this case, making the value £100.  Now use/wear it again, the value turns to £66.67.  And a forth time, the value = £50.

In essence, the more use you get out of something, the easier it is to determine if you actually want to buy it.

For another example, let's say you purchased a new mattress.  It is the all singing, all dancing one you've seen from the TV.  It is supposedly so comfortable, you're wondering if they've managed to capture clouds and stuff your mattress with.  It cost you £1,000.  A lot of money to part with.  However, you use it every single day for the next 1,000 days - the value to you = £1 every use.  This is way more justifiable.

Keep on track with your buying, and only buy it if you can justify it :)