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Greatness Isn't Born

... It's made.

Anyone considered great in the world, past or present, good or bad. They all have something in common - the term 'great' was never gifted. Muhammad Ali, Stephen Hawking, William Shakespeare, Marie Curie, Lord Voldemort :) - they all earned their 'greatness' title. Granted, Voldemort was a bit of an odd duck, but no-one can deny the power and greatness he had.

Not all great people are well liked, but they were brilliant, respected, and sometimes they were feared.

You will have heard the saying 'you can do anything you set your mind to'. It's sad that most of the time our minds are set to the same thing everyday - work, study, pay bills, relax. What if we were to add something to that list and work our asses off to have something to show others?

Do you think Edmond Hilary found Mount Everest easy to climb? Or Nelson Mandela thought prison was a breeze? Absolutely not - I'll quote so many before me "nothing worth having comes easy". Unfortunately, most of us fall at the first sign of resistance. Can you push through though? You'll find the sense of achievement is worth chasing forever.

Making your way through the world, can you imagine leaving your mark on it? What will it look like? Or will anyone remember you? It's time to aim for something bigger than yourself. Create something that will outlive you - build your legacy and earn the greatness you deserve.