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5 Life Lessons People Learn Way Too Late

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Love this, very wise article from inc.com that I’m sure we can all learn from!


Here's how I related to the 5 lessons:

1. PERCEPTION IS REALITY > This was drummed into me in my first job as a recruiter. It doesn’t matter if YOU think you are doing a good job, you need to ensure your clients FEEL that that are getting value from you, that you LISTEN to them so THEIR needs feel heard.

2. EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY > One of the earliest lessons I learned. When I was 13, my parents divorce came as a bolt out of the blue. I had no clue this was on the cards, it was the shock of my life! It was the first time I faced genuine adversity and experienced something bad happen to me. Through that profound experience I learned that setbacks are temporary. Enjoy yourself & make the most of that good feeling while times are good, in the knowledge that when something bad happens, it won’t last. Good times are just around corner 😊

3. THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING PRESENT > One of the best lessons I’ve learned as a coach. To be present means to be truly there with your client, in the moment, sharing their challenges, their goals, their vision and supporting them on their learning journey. That can’t be achieved on a truly deep level with being present. Peace can be found in being present, but like any habit, we need to practise it!

4. DO WHAT YOU LOVE, LOVE WHAT YOU DO > In my experience, beyond spending time with the ones you love, there are few greater joys than finding what you truly love AND making a living from it. For me, that is coaching - I LOVE IT LIKE NOTHING ELSE IVE EVER DONE! Sharing in life changing and sometimes life saving experiences is both an honour and a buzz!! You find a different gear to get through the tough times when you do what you love. That kind of motivation is a gift that can drive you to incredible successes while giving you a higher purpose that resonates way beyond your immediate circle of influence!

5. BEING HAPPY TAKES WORK > Prior to February 2018, I lost 5 jobs in a row! I consider myself to be a naturally positive person, but there’s only so many times you can get knocked down before the confidence of event the most positive people gets eroded. I learned that action is key. Set yourself small achievable daily goals, get them done consistently & that not just builds, but cultivates a positive mindset & levels of resilience that you can maintain and see you through the darkest of times!

What do you take from these lessons?

What resonates with you?