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One Man's Trash...

Today, we live in a throw-away society. When something breaks, it has become easier and cheaper to simply buy a new one, rather than have the current one repaired. Granted, there are exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking, this has become our reality.

Almost every Government in the world has jumped on the 'let's save the earth' bandwagon, and although we try to avoid politics, this is something we completely agree with. There is real beauty in the things we own that is tossed aside for the latest gadget and gismo, simply because we want to keep up.

Yes, we recycle. Anything that is convenient for us to do so, we will. But if it is inconvenient for us in any way, we will think twice. This rule applies to almost everyone, and really focuses on things like plastic and cardboard etc, but there are other things we should be looking at...

Do you have an old mobile device from 5 years ago? Ask yourself why you're holding onto it. Is it worth anything to you now? For an underprivileged person, it could mean the world. Or perhaps you have an extra tin of beans because the store sold them in packs, and it's too many for you. There are families desperate to survive and you can help.

No-one should give up more than they can in order to assist, but almost everyone can afford to give up something. It might be an old phone, or a tin of beans, or an old pair of shoes. We all have the ability to improve the lives of others. It's the choices we make that can do so, or we can try for an endless pursuit of selfishness and unhappiness simply by accumulating more stuff we don't want or need. If there is something wrong in the world, doesn't those that have the ability to help, have the responsibility to help?

Have a look around - there is something you could donate to someone in need. You could make someone's life a whole lot better by giving up something that means nothing to you.

Make someone's day.