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What Is Your Most Valuable Resource?

I've asked this question to eight people of different ages, and it may surprise you to know that all of them had different answers.  For convenience, I've detailed them below.

Tim (46) - Physical Ability

Jennifer (29) - Focus

Steven (58) - Companions

Michael (21) - Money

Rebecca (70) - Time

Alison (35) - Skills

Alistair (25) - Morals

Holli (18) - Mind

Their answers did intrigue me, as it really showed what people look at in life as 'important'.  The question I now have is "what is your most valuable resource?"

I 100% agree with Rebecca.  Of all the resources named above, Time is the only one that you cannot affect yourself.  The speed that time travels will never change regardless of what you do with it.  We're all on the clock.  Let's use the time we have to do the best we can.  

I understand the remaining answers, and why they were said, but all of these are renewable to an extent. 

  • Your physical ability can always improve - you just have to do the work. 

  • Your focus can improve - simply remove the distractions. 

  • Companionship is important, but adding and removing companions is entirely your choice.  Make the right choice.

  • Money should be the least valuable.  Work a little extra, and you'll receive more.  Spend less, and you'll have more.  It's really quite simple.

  • Your skills can be endless if you're willing to learn them.

  • Everyone should know the difference between right and wrong - it's the choices you make that show who you are as a person.

  • Your mind can be effected by life-changing diseases such as dementia.  However, you're able to take effect by taking in knowledge and learning skills.  Your mind is an asset - one that needs maintenance.  But again, it's entirely your choice if you maintain it or not.


Time is a resource that is controlled entirely by nature.  You will never gain time, only lose it.  We'll often find that we complain about spending our hard earned cash on things that we need, but we'll happily spend hours in front of the T.V watching mindless programmes simply because they're 'free'.  Nothing is ever really free though.  The next time you spend your time on something, ask yourself if it is really worth it.

We can't refund our time.  Spend it well.