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How To Walk Away From Anything In a Minute

Ok, let me start by saying - the title of this post does not mean you should walk away from anything, but more that you have the power to.

You may have heard the saying 'you are born alone, you die alone'? What a depressing statement. I believe we are born into a world where opportunity presents itself almost daily. We accumulate material possessions constantly. But we also accumulate relationships, whether it be a partner, colleague, friend or acquaintance - they are there.

Often, the more we have, the more we want. We never settle for enough - and that's a problem. Not only does it show tremendous greed in a person, but it also makes it difficult to part with anything, no matter how little it means to you. Let me play you out a scenario that we've all seen - spring cleaning time, and you've come across an old trinket (a keychain from your latest trip, a picture frame you've yet to put a picture in etc), and your first thought is - 'I forgot I had this, I'm sure I can find a place for it somewhere'. But if you hadn't found it while deep cleaning your home, you would continue your day forgetting that it was there, and life would be no different.

Even if we know we're never going to use that keyring, we still struggle to let it go. *Just to clarify, I'm not saying throw it in the trash, but you could donate it, or even sell it (depending what it is)*.

So how do we walk away from anything instantly? We're not saying you should want to do this - if it is a close relationship that you think is worth it, then put the work in - but you should know you have another option if it gets too much.

Over the next few weeks or months, look at situations in a new light - "is this thing/person/item included in the vision I have for me?" Chances are, to begin with, you'll make excuses to find a way for everything to be included in that vision - and that's perfectly normal. But start small - rid yourself of that keyring, and move up from there. You'll find you have the strength to really shed the extra baggage and keep only what is truly important to you.

Everything that is in your life that is not effecting you positively is only doing the opposite - but the lesson to takeaway from this post is to know you have another choice - you can walk away, and sometimes you should. Try it once, and see how you feel - I bet it feels great.