I've searched and searched and found, what I believe, the best tools around.  Using these resources will almost guarantee a more productive, efficient and improved life.  These tools add an immense value to my life.  None of the providers are sponsoring me to promote them, I just want to spread the word of those I find useful.

Do yourself a favour and try a few out.  They just might change your life.


As a To-Do List app goes, this one is definitely our favourite.  The simplicity is fantastic and it also doesn't hide too many good features behind a paid subscription.  Beautifully designed and easy to use.  Added bonus - A Pomodoro Timer!

Track Yoga

Who knew yoga was such a good idea?!  This app has helped us reach some minor goals - touching our toes!  It's made us healthier, and happier.  We can't complain.  And you also earn badges.. great for the kid in us!


We spend way too much time on our phones.  This app blocks your phone by building a forest - and if you interrupt it, you'll kill the trees.  It offers a reward for parting with your phone for short spaces of time.

Habit Hub

Improving yourself is all about creating good habits.  What better way to keep an eye on them than having them within the very device you use so often?  Reminders and success trackers and custom themes. 


Condensing all of your notes, large or small into one program.  This system is unbelievably useful.  A superb rival to Evernote, and created by Microsoft - it can't be that bad surely.

Eight Card

All of your business cards saved in one place.  This app scans all the cards you collect.  After uploading the scans, an employee of Eight will input the data to ensure accuracy.

Google Podcasts

Listening to podcasts have become one of my favourite things to do.  Mainly in the car, as commuting is an ideal time to learn.  Browse through an enormous selection of shows, even ours.


Audible is the largest selection of audio books in the world.  There's not a day go by where I'm not listening to something on here.  A fantastic service that offers every genre you can think of.


As more services are moving to the cloud, I thought it was only right to include my favourite cloud storage provider.  Every file I have is stored here.  Also, the user-friendly interface will rival any.


If you ever need to focus and you are in a public place, this is the tool for you.  Plug in your headphones and head over to - a focus resource like no other.  Ambient sounding and amazing to increase productivity.


Remembering all of your passwords is such a pain!  Introducing a password manager was life changing for me.  There are a lot out there, but LastPass is my choice.  Check it out and thank me later.

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With tech advancing, we don't need bulky machines to send files.  All you need is this app.  Scan a file with your phone and the app will scan it so you can send it to anyone on multiple services.